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Our newest partner, Prestige and Village bring their exclusive property portfolio to our members and friends. Look out for them at events throughout the summer season! 

If you need to make or receive an international payment we can save you money, time and stress. We offer a fully managed service to help you from start to finish to ensure the process is as smooth and stress free as possible. We are safe and regulated and there are no fees or charges.

Available for private and business clients.

During the reign of King Louis XV, known as ‘Louis the Beloved’, France became the centre of the perfume industry. Recreating the splendour of the Eighteenth Century, Parfums de Marly delivers outstanding fragrances that bear the names of dignified breeds of horses - equestrianism was the pride and glory at King Louis’ fashionable Versailles court, with the King owning over 600 horses including 8 Godolphin and Darly Arabian horses from the King of Tunisia, which he bred with his European breeds to create superior racehorses.

Sourced from around the globe, Parfums de Marly’s fine fragrance blends rekindle this very same spirit. Producing male, female and unisex perfumes alongside scented candles, the house’s premium craftsmanship offer ultimate olfactory luxury.

Alongside providing fantastic feed to fuel the ponies at Silver Leys, Eastwick are partnering with us at events throughout the season. Look out for their tasty treats as prizes at tournaments! 

Local Insurance experts, NFU Mutual are joining us at Silver Leys for the second season running this year. With branding across the boards and a heavy presence at events - we are delighted to welcome them back to Silver Leys for 2018

Nick Gerard's team are a regular entry at tournaments across the UK and a firm favourite to win at Silver Leys if given the chance!

Andy Cork, owner of Printondemand-worldwide is now a global player within the book industry, offering a complete solution for the production life cycle of a book; from one copy upwards. Andy is President at Silver Leys Polo and hosts the Print On Demand Cup at the end of every summer.

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